Food Service Distribution

Food Service Distribution is a massive piece of the global supply chain. A common term in refrigerated trucking is “cold chain” that ensure the goods never reach above certain temperatures. Go Girl logistics offers refrigerated goods transportation for chilled or frozen food. We offer multi-temperature transportation services for those needing dry, perishable, chilled and frozen products transported by a professional company with the resources and expertise to carry out temperature-controlled transport. Our vehicles are clean, neat and we are a proud to achieve a R638 license to transport food, issued by the Department of Environmental Health. 

Service is what we do best, with our wide variety of fleet specifications, we can transport any product that needs to be kept at specified temperatures. We have a wide range of refrigerated trucks ranging from one ton refrigerated trucks, 4ton closed body reefer to 28ton closed body reefer. Our vision and mission is to allow our clients to focus on their core business whilst we successfully manage your cold chain division efficiently. Weather it is frozen food products or chilled goods that require distribution, we have multi temperature trucks that enable us to transport your frozen food or keep it chilled as you wish. Some of our vehicles are fitted with meat hangers for transporting animal Carcasses Our clients include seafood distributors, restaurants, butcheries, convenient stores, farmers, grocery stores and others. From One Ton truck or a full pallet, we can collect your products to your manufacturer and deliver them to your clients. We can distribute your products to the final mile customer cutting the inconvenience for your clients to collect at a depot. We provide door refrigerated goods transportation service to your clients for convenience and peace of mind.

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Groceries Delivery Service

We have a grocery service division for the transportation of groceries from the supermarket, convenient store etc directly to your customer. With our grocery delivery service, we deliver products that need to be transported at specific temperatures, even in the case of last mile delivery. We provide door delivery store to grocery store customers that love convenience. Go Girl logistics partners with the stores, restaurants, beverage industry, etc and deliver to your customers within the same day even in the case of last mile delivery. Our company is licensed to handle food and we have acquired our R638 license to transport food from the environmental health department. Hygiene and health are our priority, our vehicles are sanitized every single day before and after a delivery.

Some customers do not like to dine at a restaurant or drive to the grocery stores, Go Girl logistics partners with the grocery store owners or restaurant by providing delivery service to their customers. We offer grocery delivery service in Gauteng Province.

Your local Pharmacy Distribution Company

The need for refrigerated transportation in the foodservice industry makes perfect sense but it is less commonly known that the pharmaceutical industry also relies on refrigerated and temperature controlled transportation for the safety and integrity of its products to the end user. Example a small pharmacy in a small town is the only source of prescription products for a 60 km radius. The customers of this pharmacy rely on it to carry their prescriptions as they do not have another resource nearby. It becomes imperative for the pharmacy to promptly receive shipments of all necessary medications. Many pharmaceutical products need to be transported at a specific temperature to ensure that they are safe for the end user. Go Girl logistics provides solutions for pharmacy’s by safely transporting pharmaceutical products from the manufacturer or regional distributor to the pharmacy. We also offer final mile delivery solutions to your clients in the rural and most remote areas.

High End Art Distribution Company

Did you know that Fine Art can be considered as perishable goods? Items of fine art such as painting need to be transported in a temperature controlled environment. If a high end art gallery located abroad wants to display rare paintings, the gallery will need to arrange temperature controlled overseas transportation for painting to prevent them from being damaged. Go Girl logistics will deliver your rare paintings in our temperature controlled vehicle to prevent product damages.

Plants and produce from farmer to end user

When you transport plants and produce, temperature management is key to ensure that the products are still healthy when they arrive. Loads must also be properly stacked to keep as much heat away from the products as possible and to minimize damage. Go Girl logistics is highly recommendable when it comes to reefer transport of plants and produce. Based in Johannesburg Go Girl logistics transports meat, fish, plants and produce all over Gauteng in reefers, also known as refrigerated trucks.

Fresh Flowers Transportation

To keep your flowers perfectly crisp and fresh for delivery, transporting them by refrigerated vehicle is the only way to go. Transporting them in your air-conditioned car or even in a delivery van won’t keep the blooms as fresh and vibrant. You might think that your air-conditioned vehicle will do just fine. Go Girl logistics offers refrigerated trucking for flowers. With the route from Johannesburg, we can transport full loads from one ton to your client’s door to door within Gauteng


Live Snails, Crabs, Prawns, fish Transportation

Did you know that we can live snails, crabs, fish, and other live animals that require to be kept at the required temperatures? Go Girl logistics is one of the first companies in South Africa to offer live snails, crabs, and fish transportation. Our refrigerated transportation service is safe and secured, the Go Girl vehicles are cleaned and sanitized each time to ensure safety and prevent health risks. We transport live snails with care in their own crates.

Live Animals Transportation

Do you need a transportation service for live chickens? Our company offers transportation service for live chickens. We offer the required crates necessary to transport live chickens within Gauteng.