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Go Girl Healthcare courier offers a complete door-to-door delivery service. Our exclusive Healthcare distribution service facilitates the local collection and transportation needs for various medical institutes, hospitals, research centers, pharmaceuticals and laboratories for treatment and diagnosis of critical patients.

Through our services, patient samples, shipments for clinical trials and biological samples can be delivered. Delivery of such biological samples is not a simple task. We ensure that all samples are collected and secured with temperature-controlled devices or refrigerators that ensure stable temperature throughout the delivery process. We offer expedited, secure, time-­critical transportation of healthcare supplies, tissue, specimens, biologicals, blood, pharmaceuticals and transplant organs. Our Medical Couriers are available around the clock.



GoGirl Services

Our services can be scaled and customized to your needs based on market conditions, such as the demands and delivery service requirements for their products and materials. GoGirl Couriers offer customers advanced value-added services for your business.

Delivery of Medical Supplies

Many times, it happens that for any test, medical clinics require services of some…

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HealthCare Risk Waste Transporter

Go Girl logistics specialize in Health Care Courier Services. As part of our services,…

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Direct to Patient Delivery service

Today’s innovative pharmaceutical products and therapies are changing the world…

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Delivery of Medical Equipment

Whether you need to receive medical equipment from production line of manufacturer…

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Collection and delivery of Samples

Some Medical Specimen Delivery Courier: Biotech Specimen Delivery Blood…

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