Bonded Warehouse

Our bonded warehouse facility stores imported and exported goods. We let businesses store their goods in our bonded warehouse facility for faster delivery, with the advantage of pushing out the payment of custom duties until the goods are released from the bonded warehouse. We have a designated area in our warehouse for bonded goods until they are custom released.

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What is a Bonded Warehouse?

Like a non-bonded warehouse, a custom bonded warehouse is a secure location at which you can store, export, and import goods. The difference comes down to the warehouse’s connection with Customs. 

Imported freight must be inspected and approved by Customs agents before it can be delivered to its destination. When imported freight is stored in a non-bonded warehouse, the importer must immediately pay taxes on the goods and have them inspected no matter where they’re going next. To make the jobs of Customs agents a little easier, they work with certified, Customs bonded transportation and warehousing services that can receive and hold the goods until duties and inspections are addressed.

The great thing about Customs bonded warehousing is that it saves money. When goods are imported and stored at a Customs bonded warehouse, the duties are deferred until the goods leave the warehouse. This allows the importer to save money on storing their goods regardless of what they intend to do with the cargo. This also gives the importer extra time to complete the legal legwork needed to import their goods into the country. Some importers record saving 25-30% in deferred taxes over comparable non-bonded warehouses.