After effects of looting in South Africa


Looting in South Africa
Picture: abs news, (Reuters: Rogan Ward)

South Africa has seen some dire times since the implementation of the Lockdown from 24 March 2020. The recent and devastating looting not only impacted the end-user but the whole logistic industry.

Recent data released by the telematics company, Netstar has revealed that the protest and looting deeply impacted the markets, especially the trucking industry. Netstar stated 3 of its major clients lost more than 613 000 km in delivery miles in just 5 days!

Who were most affected?

Food markets in Kwa-Zulu Natal and most known areas in Gauteng. Most courier companies, such as PostNet, for instance, informed clients that any parcels departing to the affected areas in Durban, Ladysmith, Richards Bay and Pietermaritzburg were severely delayed as a result of the violent looting that took place these past few weeks.

We have seen several devastating pictures circulating on social media where people stand in the queues for hours just to buy basic food necessities such as bread, one unknown source implies that one loaf of white bread now costs R40.

Queues in KZN after looting
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How has this impacted the Truck Drivers in the affected areas?

Truck Drivers are normally overlooked when it comes to burning and looting of trucks, as we have seen over the past few weeks. This is now seen as a crime without any justice or consequence.

IOL recently interviewed Gidhurpersadh, owner of Aliwal Security, he stated, “I’ve seen trucks emptied out in 30 minutes. Looters are not always poor people, and their mentality is usually that insurance companies will cover the cost of goods looted. The reality is that owners must first fork out huge sums of money (excess) to receive compensation.”

Truck driving in South Africa, one of the most dangerous jobs in SA?

The looting and truck burning surely has had an impact on the trucking industry, and the safety of the drivers is being threatened. Truck driving has now become one of SA’s top dangerous jobs since the start of the looting and truck burning. Courier and delivery companies work a 24-hour shift and are required to travel to different routes and destinations to meet and satisfy the needs of the customers.

Gidhurpersadh further stated, “They slow a truck down enough to incapacitate it by pointing a gun at the driver, cornering it or even petrol bombing it,” Most truck drivers, who will remain anonyms, stated they don’t feel safe while driving, especially at night and in well known “hotspots” in South Africa.

Would you consider this job as one of SA’s top dangerous jobs? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

We will overcome, together, our South Africa!

During these difficult times it’s important to remember how far we’ve come, and those we lost. We are facing COVID19, record breaking cold fronts that hit SA hard these past few days and the violent looting. Still, we see some good blooming in parts of SA!

South Africa citizens street cleanup

After the violent looting and destruction, people in KZN and Gauteng, came together to clean up the streets. We have seen multiple organizations and individuals collecting basic food needs to deliver to the affected areas in KZN and Gauteng.

The industry overall will take time to recover from this, and extra precautions will have to be taken to ensure the safety of our goods and truck drivers are enhanced. It will be some time before the deliver industry and affected stores will get back on its rightful place.

It’s important that we understand each decision we make impact the lives and future generation around us, we must take into consideration what kind of world we want to leave behind. As in the words of the late Nelson Mandela, “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

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What are your thoughts?

Let us know of your thoughts on how SA can rebuild its markets and how we can protect our truck drivers on the road?

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