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Go Girl Healthcare courier offers a complete door-to-door delivery service. Our exclusive Healthcare distribution service facilitates the local collection and transportation needs for various medical institutes, hospitals, research centers, pharmaceuticals and laboratories for treatment and diagnosis of critical patients.

Through our services, patient samples, shipments for clinical trials and biological samples can be delivered. Delivery of such biological samples is not a simple task. We ensure that all samples are collected and secured with temperature-controlled devices or refrigerators that ensure stable temperature throughout the delivery process. We offer expedited, secure, time-­critical transportation of healthcare supplies, tissue, specimens, biologicals, blood, pharmaceuticals and transplant organs. Our Medical Couriers are available around the clock.


Health care courier services


1. Direct to Patient Delivery service

Today’s innovative pharmaceutical products and therapies are changing the world of medicine and significantly improving outcomes for patients. These therapies require specialized handling and / or administering- adding strain to already fragile healthcare systems and complexity to the lives of the patients.

Whether patients are participating in a clinical trial or receiving an approved commercial therapy, the Direct-to Patient and Home Trial Support (DTP/HTS) approach can offer invaluable support to those patients.

The benefits of Direct Patient Delivery Service include:

  1. Increased customer experience
  2. Putting the patient at the center of the treatment
  3. Lighter burden on traditional healthcare systems
  4. Competitive advantage for sponsors and manufacturers
  5. Cost reduction capabilities

We also collect specimens from the patient or individual to be shipped to the hospital or laboratory.


2. Collection and delivery of Samples

Some Medical Specimen Delivery Courier:

  • Biotech Specimen Delivery
  • Blood Specimen Delivery Service
  • Laboratory Delivery Services
  • Medical Device Delivery Service
  • Pharmaceutical Delivery
  • Pre-Route Dedicated Medical Courier
  • Stat, Emergency Specimen Pickup and Delivery
  • Temperature Controlled Specimen Delivery
  • Tissue and Organ Transportation


3. Medical Equipment

Whether you need to receive medical equipment from production line of manufacturer to ward of hospital or you need to move test equipment between laboratories, our professional delivery services for medical equipment are there to cater all such needs with a single phone call. Our skilled couriers offer competitive services for the transporting of equipment with extensive experience in loading and unloading of equipment with complete protection.

Our clients enjoy our expert services along with packing and unpacking services for fragile medical equipment that enhance safety and reduce any chance of damage. To accommodate all type of medical equipment we are equipped with fleet of vehicles that include all type of means of transportation including small vans to large Lorries.


4. Delivery of Medical Supplies

Many times, it happens that for any test, medical clinics require services of some other laboratories during treatment of an unusual patient. In such cases medical courier services can not only save your time but also ensure on time delivery of samples and reports. With our medical delivery service, we enable to collect and deliver medical tests or prescribed medications from anywhere you want within limited time. Our services help medical institutes to carry on their treatment or diagnosis without any interruption or delay. Our 24 hours available service ensures that we are in reach of our clients whenever they need us and wherever they need us

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